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Violet Blue Round AA Natural Tanzanite 0.82 Carats

Violet Blue Round AA Natural Tanzanite 0.82 Carats

Violet Blue Round AA Natural Tanzanite 0.82 Carats Gem Variety: Natural Tsavorite Gem Species: Zoisite Color: violetish Blue (vBL) Shape: Round Clarity: Internally flawless
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Violetish  Blue Round AAA Natural Tanzanite 2.90 Carats

Violetish Blue Round AAA Natural Tanzanite 2.90 Carats

Violetish  Blue Round AAA Natural Tanzanite 2.90 Carats Gem Variety: Natural Tanzanite Gem Species: Zoisite Color: violetish Blue  (vBl) Shape: Round Clarity: Internally...
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Customer Reviews

Overnight discreet shipping was very surprising. I bought my wife a beautiful tanzanite for her birthday. She gets plenty of compliments and appreciates having the GIA certificate.

- Daniel, (Québec, Canada)

I was apprehensive about buying a tanzanite online so I scheduled a call with Saidi. He is the founder and he provided me with attention and care that made my purchase hassle free (a consummate professional). We also talked about settings and he even offered to speak with my insurance company. It is very clear that Nzuri Gems cares about their customers just as much as the communities where they buy gems. It was a pleasure to do business with Saidi. Highly recommend!

- Marcus (VA, United States)

I love my tanzanite. It has a bright sparkle and the blue is very deep.

- Zhang (Hong Kong, China)

I needed a 5 carat replacement tanzanite for my wife’s pendant. The original one had exceptional violet blue color so I knew it would be challenging. I worked with Jamie and we had a video conference that really helped me understand my options. They have a reasonable return policy so I decided to go with them. When the tanzanite arrived, the color quality was nicer than I expected. The price was great so I will be buying another loose tanzanite for my daughter soon. 100% recommend

- Bryan (TX, United States)

You will not regret it! I purchased a 7.4 ct round tanzanite and I plan on buying a set of 2 ct rounds for matching earrings. Great customer service and easy to work with!

- April (NV, United States)

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